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iphone not ringing ?

Well what do you their is a switch top of the ringer volume button.  if that’s turned on phone wont ring and their will be no indication on the phone about that switch being tuned on, I spend nearly 1 hour wasting  time why the phone is not ringing.  turn the switch off and all…

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O2 Joggler

We’ll It’s a good idea, but they should have opened up a bit and let us use our own calendar our own widgets etc. Guess they might open up in future.  As it now I don’t see any use to me other than fancy £150 digital frame. O2 Joggler page , PC pro review

blackberry 8900

I ended up having blackberry 8900 (with all Google apps.) works fine love it.  To get HTC magic I have to go with Vodafone  so I phoned up O2 to get a PUC code. They gave me a deal I can’t refuse. They even gave me a free USB payg mobile broadband dongle.  O well…

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Iphone 3g

Ordered my iphone. Saying good buy to my blackberry  8800 on the 11th of July. Hope I won’t have any regrets.  I only had 2 issues with my blackberry even then that’s to do with O2 network noting to do with the phone.  Batter life been great as well. Will see how iphone will perform