Category: rant

what a rip off

Ok so I was reading few blackberry reviews and come a cross blackberry 8800 have GPS so phoned up to find out about getting one. what to you know phone is like £69.99 with £35/month contract that’s fine but you have to pay £40/year for the GPS and £1 for every MB map I download.…

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windows update

what’s up with last Tuesday update, It broke of things on my computer. I have re installed Itunes cc cleaner and few other apps. may be Microsoft gone try and do this so people will move to vista. 😉 I think I’m gone move to vista ordered the oem ver but not gone update it…

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Opera 9.2 for desktop

well downloaded it, I like the new speed dial feature, hope some one bring that to firefox :$,  love to use opera as my main browser but so used to adblock and seeing adds annoys me now 🙁 . opera should bring that feature as well (they have image block but that’s not good enough)


They are so expensive even older analogue models in ebay going for £100s of pounds. I’m not a big fan of USB oscilloscopes. I haven’t seen a good review about them even they are not cheap. I need one for my home project but dont want a spend that much