downloaded Internet Explorer 7

well no different than the RC 1, and the runones page doesn’t seems to be working busy I guess, I don’t know a new thing call clear type. It’s gone confuse many users and no file edit menu etc, and some said it’s come with yahoo toolbar but I didn’t see it
side note using firefox RC 3 to post this wonderful browser. no way me moving away from it. 🙂

Time for a sever upgrade

Well, time for me to move to a better server, my current host just painful. They were cheap and good at the time(thats few years ago) . But now it’s just over subscribed. And changed all the php setting very restrictive 🙁 .   I thinking to move this with a dedicated server I do my testing on. Most of the time its does noting. So I might make use of it.

May be a another blog software. But wp doing the job fine but a change will be good I guess,  may be not .  1st the server move and see how this works.

firefox 2.0-RC 3 is out

well tried it on my mac keep crashing and non of the extensions worked. I uninstalled it but look very promising with anti anti-phishing. I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it as it kept crashing I should try it on a pc though

any one want to download here is the link  it’s a beta so dont install it if dont know what to do next.