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usefull tip about apple servers go blank screen   On your client open up Terminal (OS X or Linux) or use PuTTy (Windows), login to your server and perform the following commands: ps auxwww|grep loginwindow This should give you an an output like this: root 925 0.0 0.1 2503556 5580 ?? Us 3:05AM 0:00.08 /System/Library/CoreServices/ console jc 953 0.0 0.0 2425708 276…

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BT Home Hub 3 review

What a peace of  ****, I know ISP given free routers are generally poor quality  but this one takes a cake, 1) Wireless  If you are connection any thing more than 5 equipement router struggles to cope you might think 5 is a lot of equipments,  but with smart phone , tablets  etc 2 people house hold will have 5+ items.…

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iphone not ringing ?

Well what do you their is a switch top of the ringer volume button.  if that’s turned on phone wont ring and their will be no indication on the phone about that switch being tuned on, I spend nearly 1 hour wasting  time why the phone is not ringing.  turn the switch off and all…

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O2 Joggler

We’ll It’s a good idea, but they should have opened up a bit and let us use our own calendar our own widgets etc. Guess they might open up in future.  As it now I don’t see any use to me other than fancy £150 digital frame. O2 Joggler page , PC pro review