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Mechanical Keyboards (DAS keyboard 4)

I started to use Mechanical Keyboards now days. work home etc. I like cherry mx blue I know few people do say it’s loud but to me it was fine. Their are 100s of brand out there but I prefer das 4, I been using it for a while so far no issues.

my site is now on HTTPS

With all the government monitoring snoopers charters and open wifi access etc. I have SSLed my site using at-least now communication between my site and your browser will be safe. Not that I collect sensitive information. still they can’t see the what is on the packets. ISP’s still have to log what websites you…

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So long WordPress

I been using WordPress from back in a days when they were b2. it was good but now time to move along to a different platform. going with been testing it for a while works great. less load on the server etc. will update my progress update 4/11/2016 : I’m going to leave this…

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