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HAM/Armature radio hobby

I’ve always had an interest in it but now I have time to do something about it. signed up with a local club going to do my fundamental exam with them. hoping to get my full licenses in a few years. when I tell this to people, they always ask the same question why now we have internet why do we need…

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Google Pixel 2 XL

I have nothing but good things about this phone, yes it’s expensive to what you get in terms of Hardware. The software is amazing. everything is smooth so far no glitches. I know lots of issues on the internet I didn’t have any I use the 128GB version from EE. The camera I would say the…

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bye bye zen internet

after a long time, I have decided to move away from zen, it’s weekend performance are getting worse, It was good for a while but it was slow again. last night was worse. some thing is wrong some where and they are not fixing it so I have to move Ping monitor speed test come…

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ipv6 adoption by counties

IPv6 adoption We have reached the top 10, Mainly because sky broadband, They running out of IPv4 means they deploy ipv6. next step for them to make use CGNAT on ipv4 or even NAT64, I tested NAT64 with AAISP works really well.