Author: din100

bye bye zen internet

after a long time, I have decided to move away from zen, it’s weekend performance are getting worse, It was good for a while but it was slow again. last night was worse. some thing is wrong some where and they are not fixing it so I have to move Ping monitor speed test come…

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ipv6 adoption by counties

IPv6 adoption We have reached the top 10, Mainly because sky broadband, They running out of IPv4 means they deploy ipv6. next step for them to make use CGNAT on ipv4 or even NAT64, I tested NAT64 with AAISP works really well.

Mechanical Keyboards (DAS keyboard 4)

I started to use Mechanical Keyboards now days. work home etc. I like cherry mx blue I know few people do say it’s loud but to me it was fine. Their are 100s of brand out there but I prefer das 4, I been using it for a while so far no issues.

my site is now on HTTPS

With all the government monitoring snoopers charters and open wifi access etc. I have SSLed my site using at-least now communication between my site and your browser will be safe. Not that I collect sensitive information. still they can’t see the what is on the packets. ISP’s still have to log what websites you…

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So long WordPress

I been using WordPress from back in a days when they were b2. it was good but now time to move along to a different platform. going with been testing it for a while works great. less load on the server etc. will update my progress update 4/11/2016 : I’m going to leave this…

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