Month: June 2009


what a nice network, I spoke to them about getting a PAC code, not a single sales pitch,  gave me the PAC code their and then.  Shame 3 is going to buy them. Three is the worse network to get out of they will try every thing to stop u from leaving.

O2 Joggler

We’ll It’s a good idea, but they should have opened up a bit and let us use our own calendar our own widgets etc. Guess they might open up in future.  As it now I don’t see any use to me other than fancy £150 digital frame. O2 Joggler page , PC pro review

Smart phones

God where do I start,  at one point we didn’t have much choice just windows mobile and blackberry. Very expensive and have to pay ton of money to use them etc ,even then they were lot of phones but still very few Os that run on the phones, Now lots of different smart phone OSes.…

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