Month: May 2009

Creative Zen

I just connected my creative Zen mp3 player to windows 7 had no issue finding it’s driver etc  windows xp wont work without loading the crapy creative software

Amazon Kindle DX

It’s bit pricey at the moment but I can think of many reason to have this in home. Read the newspapers all my rss feeds etc on one place for every one in the family to read. I wont buy it till the price come down to £100 or some subsidise services  we’ll see

blackberry 8900

I ended up having blackberry 8900 (with all Google apps.) works fine love it.  To get HTC magic I have to go with Vodafone  so I phoned up O2 to get a PUC code. They gave me a deal I can’t refuse. They even gave me a free USB payg mobile broadband dongle.  O well…

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Spam bots

Spam bots don’t give up do they. They should have known by now doesn’t matter how much they try their post is not going to appear on my page. Looks like that won’t stop them from trying. I’m just going through and closing the comment in my old post. I have to learn on how…

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HTC Magic

Thinking to buy HTC magic, looks really nice and most of my services are with Google any way so it make sense. I have to wait few weeks just get proper reviews etc.  I have seen some video reviews looks pretty impressive. I have Ipod touch and no need another phone with the same os.…

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