Month: June 2008

Iphone 3g

Ordered my iphone. Saying good buy to my blackberry  8800 on the 11th of July. Hope I won’t have any regrets.  I only had 2 issues with my blackberry even then that’s to do with O2 network noting to do with the phone.  Batter life been great as well. Will see how iphone will perform

Fixing my ipod

I found this link on ebay It’s about £44. new ipod is about £150 not sure what I wanted to do, If I buy the main board ipod will work. I’m good in fixing this board etc but new ipod have a new sodtware etc hmmm

don’t put your ipod cable in water

well if you put your cable in water don’t connect it to ipod till it’s dried 🙁 . I just done that and now my ipod is not syncing with pc. I think the connecter board is gone £40 to replace it. gone buy  a new one


It’s really good in catching all the blog spam. After I disable captcha,  I was worried I’m gone get spam but  Akismet doing a good job