Month: April 2008

My new setup

This my plan , may be not best for home computer but gone give it a go,  Upgrade the  RAM  to 4 gig and set the hard drive on RAID 5 with 3X 500 gig drives and gone install windows 2008 with hyper-V as a base unit on that gone install xp, Vista,  server 2003…

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I kind a disable it now It’s causing lot of issue with new WordPress we’ll see how the this blog get along with out it, If the spamming is too much then I will have to enable it


Another cool tool I found to manage exchange 2007 , local system, even active directory  network etc it’s giving a power shell a gui interface so can do many things on 1 interface kind a cool give it a try

Swindon Museum of Computing gone be closed :(

I haven’t been their but apparently they gone be closed in a year some thing to do with the university closing the Swindon campus so they have to to move out to some where else  more on zdnet I have to go and see before it closed down