Month: March 2008

Bletchley park

Thinking to go their on the Easter break I always wanted to go their they have lot  of fascinating stuff.  I more interested  in The Colossus tool that helped win ww II   any way here is the link any one waned to  visit 

Linux alternative to Exchange

While I’m reading digg come a cross this link It’s basically a Exchange alternative in Linux I haven’t tried it, downloading as I type this but looks very interesting.  Exchange 2007 have many features but comes with a heavy price. And competition is always good. might be ideal for small businesses.   Any way I’ll…

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Going Green

Bought my self a bicycle  try to go 2 work in that from next week. I kind a know central London now I just have to learn the bicycle roads. Did a few miles ridging today it’s actually lot of fun than I thought, more fun when u piss some car drivers off :D 

Windows Live writer

I love WordPress but It’s always been really slow to publish some thing. I found a new way now windows live writer. It works really well with wp it’s even download the style sheets so even  before I publish I  know how it’s gone look. Writing this post on that. Setting up is really easy,…

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