Metropolitan Tabernacle

Metropolitan Tabernacle Many of you seen this church in elephant castle, I use to go their all the time I don’t now as I live bit far from their. but among the churches I been this a best in terms of teaching the true bible.

Many Christian churches   gone like a money making things just preach on lord promises and lead people to think Jesus is like a Santa but this church still teaching the true gospel  here is the link  you can listen to the sermons on line

Linux alternative to Exchange

While I’m reading digg come a cross this link It’s basically a Exchange alternative in Linux I haven’t tried it, downloading as I type this but looks very interesting.  Exchange 2007 have many features but comes with a heavy price. And competition is always good. might be ideal for small businesses. unison


Any way I’ll update it soon as I know try and use it on my Virtual machine 

Going Green

Bought my self a bicycle  try to go 2 work in that from next week. I kind a know central London now I just have to learn the bicycle roads.

Did a few miles ridging today it’s actually lot of fun than I thought, more fun when u piss some car drivers off :D 

Few updates to my blog

I changed the blog url.  It’s on my root directory and works great with IE 8 andValid XHTML 1.0 Transitional passes all the validations. I put a permanent redirections  to the new url from the old so all should be working as intended  will see.

I have to actually link my other gallery site to the main site as well and non of my links on the top bar donÂ’t work that need fixing..

Internet explorer 8

I don’t know why my blogs side bar don’t work on IE 7 and IE 8 It’s works fine on all  other browser all not just on IE hmm, any way I didn’t find IE 8 that exciting

update :- manage to get this blog working with IE 8 and IE 7 it’s actually some of my posts  that caused  the issue I have deleted them  and every thing works fine on all browsers

Windows Live writer

I love WordPress but It’s always been really slow to publish some thing. I found a new way now windows live writer. It works really well with wp it’s even download the style sheets so even  before I publish I  know how it’s gone look. Writing this post on that.

Setting up is really easy, all it need is a weblog’s webaddress user name and password it will do the rest I give 9/10. I don’t write a lot but will help people who write lot of pages