Cycling to work

st pauls Next week I’m gone use my bike to go 2 work I don’t know how long it will take me to ride 7miles but shouldn’t take more than hour, I should loose weight and good for the environment.

Riding bike inside central London is fun u get to see all the historic buildings in details.

4 thoughts on “Cycling to work

  1. Have you considered using a motorbike/scooter to commute ? Isn\’t the congestion charge for that zero ?

  2. yea I have a 50cc moped and yea it’s free from cc, only reason I wanted to ride a push bike as that will make me loose weight 😀

  3. so ur saying ur fat ? ha ha (just kidding brov)

  4. hehe yea getting their, all that junk food wont do any good …:D

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