Month: March 2008

Royal TS

I found this cool remote desktop management software if you connecting to lot of remote desktop this is must here is the link It’s free too


I’m now started using OpenDNS, I not big fan of using some open DNS server but open dns have some cool features I already have a account with them so i can just look it up how many sites I’m visiting, i even set a shortcuts as I can set when I type d on…

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1st day of Spring

According to Google today is the 1st day of spring,  I think out of all weather I like spring summer is too hot and winter is too cold spring is just the right temperature. Good way to start a long weekend as well 😀

Windows Vista SP1

Just installed the public release of vista sp1. installation went well  took abt 45 min, after that every thing seems bit snappier they gone put it on windows update but here is the direct download link

Cycling to work

Next week I’m gone use my bike to go 2 work I don’t know how long it will take me to ride 7miles but shouldn’t take more than hour, I should loose weight and good for the environment. Riding bike inside central London is fun u get to see all the historic buildings in details.