External hard-drive (network drive)

Western digital drives should be avoided @ all cost,  all though it’s DRM only affect if u share media files over internet with different user name still how dare they put a DRM on drives besides their hard drives isn’t reliable.  read the full story here

Any way the hard drive I recommend now is Freecom’s Network Drive PRO bit expensive but comes with it’s own torrent client what more you want 😀  why do u think many keep their PC on just to share the files. If this device take care of this pcs can kept shutdown (think green people ;-))  make sure u the buy the “pro” drive as the other freecom one dont have the torrent client.

Windows home server £449   I don’t think many gone buy it at that price.  I know It’s worth it for what’s it gone do share files over internet and remote access to pc and pc backup,  they even give u a domain name for the server so you can use it with dynamic ip address (with out using service like no-ip or dyndns etc) It’s good for whats it gone do but don’t think home users normally like to spend money on a device like this

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  1. Interesting about the built in torrent client. I was going to build a mini-ITX box to act as a low power P2P server (eDonkey/torrents mostly) at one time. Now I mostly use newsgroups.

    P.S. Newzbin are doing half price subscriptions until December 28th …


  2. really I’m tempted for a newsgroup access I might give them a go, what news agent u use for binary download I use to use agent is it old school ?

  3. I use GrabIt – http://www.shemes.com – because it\’s simple to use. I\’m not a power user and don\’t hang out at file sharing/newsgroup forums so am not really current with what the best client is. You could try asking on the newzBin IRC channel (on the newzBin homepage, lower left).

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