Month: August 2007

what a rip off

Ok so I was reading few blackberry reviews and come a cross blackberry 8800 have GPS so phoned up to find out about getting one. what to you know phone is like £69.99 with £35/month contract that’s fine but you have to pay £40/year for the GPS and £1 for every MB map I download.…

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The BlackBerry Curve™ 8300

Got my self a BlackBerry Curve this is my 1st BlackBerry. looks really sweet and very light.  I had enough with windows smart phone but I’ll be keeping my windows mobile 6 phone as well. it’s got better office apps 

Time for new watch

I had enough with my binary watch, need some thing new to wear every day. I’m looking with some thing that have a digital compus (yes I can’t trust sun).  will see