Month: July 2007

BBCiPlayer Beta

Got my invite today, works really well but shame they force you to use IE and windows media player and you have to install active x to link IE with BBCiPlayer which manages downloads, it’s not instant download I get better performance on torrent. all in all great idea as I can re watch all…

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open source windows

come a cross this article through digg, interesting read, but I don’t really think MS will do that though, but what they can do is make their windows 9x code open source It’s dies down now. all though win 9x code base is a shitty OS they run well on low end systems with just…

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Windows mobile 6

well playing with it over the weekend it’s seems really fast and stable comes with more games and windows live search etc, I still have taken any screen shoots but will post some here soon

Shadow copy

I always enjoyed the shadow copy feature on win2k3 and winxp environment, as I have a habit of deleting the files I need, It’s saves lot of time with out going to backup tapes and restoring etc. Now vista bring that functionality to home with out a win2k3 server, I didn’t know this till last…

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