Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications

Finally got it to working on my Vista, shame it doesn’t come with Bash shell, I need to get that working as I’m more use to that than vista’s default C shell and Korn shell but with Bash you will have best of both worlds. I installed the SDK as well, Now I need to put this to a good use, will give the*nix network tools a try.

No family discount for vista ultimate :(

Well I bought the retail version Vista ultimate thinking I can get home premium for $50 (up to 2 pcs), apparently  that’s only for US and Canada for UKers, we still need to pay £139 to get the same software they get for £25, I’m gone get some one in Canada to get  it ordered. Stupid M$ then they cry as people pirate their software etc

Windows ReadyBoost

Well I had an old usb stick so thought to give the ReadyBoost a chance, put it in and set all the setting etc and restarted the computer, It didn’t make my system faster but made my Itunes works with out any crash, don’t ask me how. I don’t even know how that’s linked may be itunes is having trouble accessing prefetched data from the hard drive. Well it works so gone buy another super fast usb disk and use it

here is the video about ReadyBoost