Month: April 2007

Increasing attack on DNS servers

Is it me or I’m reading lot of attacks on the DNS servers, my host had trouble on Easter weekend. I couldn’t access my site or even my host site. Now it’s just pure dos attacks on dns servers noting fancy but take out lot of sites tho :-(. I think the hosting companies have…

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windows update

what’s up with last Tuesday update, It broke of things on my computer. I have re installed Itunes cc cleaner and few other apps. may be Microsoft gone try and do this so people will move to vista. 😉 I think I’m gone move to vista ordered the oem ver but not gone update it…

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Opera 9.2 for desktop

well downloaded it, I like the new speed dial feature, hope some one bring that to firefox :$,  love to use opera as my main browser but so used to adblock and seeing adds annoys me now 🙁 . opera should bring that feature as well (they have image block but that’s not good enough)

thin clients

I always didn’t liked the idea. Of using thin clients. But now after using it for a while on a project I started to like them. 1st of all it’s saves lot of power and very quite and no need to worry about users putting any cds floppies etc.  Every thing is from server. so…

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