Month: December 2006


I’m in to skype big time now :D bought Plantronics-DSP400 gem of a headphone. I tried recording my voice ,It’s doing a superb job. and working great with skype. speaking on skype only thing I hate about it is to have a computer switched on and signed in. that’s kind a sold with this belkin…

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Just use it with a friend really cool to edit documents on the same time. It will update it as every one hits save you guys try it. Only wished we had this technology when I did uni 😀

Electric shavers

Well I went shopping today, so seen a Remington R3 electric shaver , looked really cool so bought it as I got a special day tomorrow. but what do u know soon as I open it’s got a European socket 🙁 so can’t charge it. I have to buy another adaptor tomorrow. why didn’t they…

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windows powershell

Had a play with it, actually it’s really cool, kind a like unix bash but windows style as in very easy. apparently windows vista don’t come with it, but they have ver for it , you can download and install. I played with the xp ver of that I tried few things and you can…

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