Tesco’s so call new self checkouts :D

Ok I went pass this Tesco metro where they had new self service system, since I like this type of things I thought 2 give it a try. bought 2
pain au chocolates and took it near it. it will ask you to scan it or find the item from it’s menu, I some how I manage to find it in their 29 pence, and then it’s ask to put inside the bag. that’s where the trouble started. I think it’s monitoring the weight of the bag to assume the items r inside the bag, as pain au chocolate is weightless. it didn’t tell the computer as it’s in the bag so it didn’t let me do any thing lol, I have to call some one to sort it out 4 me, even for her it wasn’t easy she took nearly 15 mins to scan 2 pain au chocolate 😀

next time I’m only going to human checkouts 😀

2 thoughts on “Tesco’s so call new self checkouts :D”

  1. LOL.. =P. Sorry your first try with the self service machine was not a fun one.

    I love the self serve machines. I’m better than those “human checkouts” at scanning the items and jetting outter there =P

  2. you get that a lot in America I guess,this system done by the American company(NCR) as well. u people never liked humans. hehehe

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