Month: March 2006

Life with out Internet

Hmm you know as no Internet at home. Its not as bad its may seems This what my life is after work me and my buddies get-together and chat till 11pm. Then go 2 my room shower and sleep. As I sleep early I cant sleep after 7am. so get up do a running exercises…

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Fedora Core 5

well installed it on my test IBM box. looks really nice and seems bit fast too. installation is straight forwarded. And have a built in tamil support Have a look at my screen shot (click on the image to enlarge)

No more internet @ home

O god, what a weekend, I had a phone call from my house owner last Friday saying that I have to be move house by Today, because he had trouble with guy who bought the house. well original day for me to leave the house was April 24th. any way I found a place to…

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xp on mac

Cording to /. some one manage to get XP running on mac …why on earth any one wanna run xp on mac, I think they should focuse on getting mac OS running on PC. so we’ll can run the cheap pcs with best os

USB KVM switches

God they are very expensive, I’m fed-up of changing monitor cables when I need to switch from mac and pc. but any way bought one off from ebay, let see how good mac keyboard works with PC.I very much doubt it will work tho. I dont mind having 2 keyborads in my table 😀

video Ipod

Well got my self one last week. It’s cool do what’s is says on the tin, but with video it’s straggling specially with long Tamil movies, and battery dry soon with video. but to me I only listen to podcast and music so it’s good.

need to get lot of stuff done

well I lost all my customisation with b2 eveo, need to do all over her too. I’ll have to get all done tonight. Need to link my gallery links to my friends blogs need to change the header pic few other stuff google ad God need to do lot of stuff 🙁