arduino/genuino uno vs clones

I have tried all 3 type of arduino/genuino uno clone boards now. so going to write the pro and cons of all this

1st the genuine board from

Arduino uno (Genuine)

no issue at all very well built and do what says on the tin, only issue is £20 so it’s bit much to try crazy experiments or even to leave it some where.

2nd one is a clone

Elegoo uno R3

It’s exactly like the genuine board but build quality is ok but can’t compare to the original but this has exact same chip set even for the serial to usb to serial chip is same (atmega16u2) compare to other clone brands I tried this one is better. had no issue. reason to buy this is it’s only £8 so I use it where there is a chance of chip will fry etc

3rd one is unbranded clone

fake arduino uno r3

nothing wrong with it same as above but it’s uses a CH340G serial to usb chip which is require drivers. even on the drivers you have to allow unsigned kernel extensions for this is install this drivers.
If you have a old mac dedicated for this work then fine. if you use your own machine this is risky. windows same (I think)

this board is only £3 pounds with delivery. you can use this for through away projects

Upgrading from windows home to windows 8 Enterprise

Can’t seems upgrade from widows home to windows enterprise without re-imaging

Here is the workaround

You need upgrade the windows 10 home to windows 10 pro using this specific key.VK7JG-NPHTM-C97JM-9MPGT-3V66T this will upgrade the home to pro but the key will not activate as it’s a default key. This will take a while.

this is the link showing how to change key

Go through the same change key method but now use your legitimate volume licence windows 10 pro key to activate windows this will activate in mins

After this Go through the same change key method but now use your enterprise key (this is pretty fast as well)

my site is now on HTTPS

With all the government monitoring snoopers charters and open wifi access etc. I have SSLed my site using

at-least now communication between my site and your browser will be safe. Not that I collect sensitive information. still they can’t see the what is on the packets. ISP’s still have to log what websites you visit no way to trick, other than to use a vpn out to some other countries but it is all a hassle.

any way I’m not forcing the https yet so if you not on secure connection (green padlock icon on the browser) please use this link

State of outsoursed IT companies and IT services companies, IT support jobs

Things must be getting desperate for Outsourced IT support companies, as I read few of their “recommendation”. some of them are out right lie or some things was only true in 1990s.

They still holding on to the old model where get a client make money by selling few service of their own and resell other services and make commission on the services they sell. and have retainer for the support.

Things are changing all the IT infrastructures are now going as a services model. which doesn’t really require a IT companies to do much. every things is done by the large companies who providing that services. all you need is some one to setup the local services and monitor them but that doesn’t require paying a company a retainer or use their support as you can call the companies direct and they will fix the issues directly.

My advice if you running a business dont waste your money on IT companies. get some independent IT consultants or get your self a IT managers who understand this things who dont resell any one service. get them to recommend few providers and read the reviews for each and select their services based on the cost or to your business need.

I think outsourced IT companies days are numbered

Home WIFI and internet Security with Ubiquiti (UBTN) products

price Ubiquiti devices are so good it’s even less than the some of the home routers.

I went with EdgeRouter Lite
and went with 1 access point for now which is Unifi-AP-AC-LR with Broadbandbuyer I got 3 year free cloud controller access for this access point.

Router is very fast and can do lot of things we can only do with more expensive router like VLANs IPSec and PPTP tunnels BGP monitoring and lots more same with access points easy to install and setup.

overall you want be disappointed