State of outsoursed IT companies and IT services companies, IT support jobs

Things must be getting desperate for Outsourced IT support companies, as I read few of their “recommendation”. some of them are out right lie or some things was only true in 1990s.

They still holding on to the old model where get a client make money by selling few service of their own and resell other services and make commission on the services they sell. and have retainer for the support.

Things are changing all the IT infrastructures are now going as a services model. which doesn’t really require a IT companies to do much. every things is done by the large companies who providing that services. all you need is some one to setup the local services and monitor them but that doesn’t require paying a company a retainer or use their support as you can call the companies direct and they will fix the issues directly.

My advice if you running a business dont waste your money on IT companies. get some independent IT consultants or get your self a IT managers who understand this things who dont resell any one service. get them to recommend few providers and read the reviews for each and select their services based on the cost or to your business need.

I think outsourced IT companies days are numbered

Home WIFI and internet Security with Ubiquiti (UBTN) products

price Ubiquiti devices are so good it’s even less than the some of the home routers.

I went with EdgeRouter Lite
and went with 1 access point for now which is Unifi-AP-AC-LR with Broadbandbuyer I got 3 year free cloud controller access for this access point.

Router is very fast and can do lot of things we can only do with more expensive router like VLANs IPSec and PPTP tunnels BGP monitoring and lots more same with access points easy to install and setup.

overall you want be disappointed

Littlebits Lego like system for electronics

I do really like enjoy playing them, I have to home smart kit which was a given to me by my Mrs. Who will not enjoy turning a LED at home using the internet 🙂 It has lot of other things you can try,

power adapter doesn’t work for us here in UK as it was set to the voltage 110v but every thing else works great. I can get converters but that is expensive way of turning on and off a light 🙂

If you guys interested UK supplier

Motorola tlkr t80 extreme walkie talkies review

well bought mine today I needed for an office move, you would think why you want walkie talkies it’s actually use full u dont want to keep your mobile phone near you when you fixing and moving things. this one I bought is quite rugged they thought of every thing comes with a big case rechargeable battery but the good thing is you can use normal 4 AAA too so if you forget to charge and get up and going their is that option.

I haven’t tested it far but it works fine in normal office size places. It’s very clear too, it has some group call functions etc but I didnt use it yet but I’m sure it will work

Cisco meraki Firewalls and access points review

I’m lucky enough to try the Cisco meraki MX 80 and MR26 wireless access points today. wireless access point is brilliant. I know it’s cloud based very easy to setup and use.

I can split the network with out using VLANs and get it to work and connection is solid used 3 together will be enough for a large size office.

Firewall not so much to start it’s very expensive. setting are basic, their is a layer 7 support I can block websites and things but some of the thing I have call the support to do it. like the MTU setting on WAN

Limited ipv6 support and they only have 1 type of vpn etc amount of money we pay I would expect to see lot more

watch out for Barclays and few other banks overdraft charges

This is new scam the banks are caught on to instead of charging I don’t know 20% APR or some thing similar. They started to do a daily charge of 0.75p a day if you go more than £15 on to agreed overdraft. what that means it will be the sameif just £25 overdrawn or £1499. this will encourage customer to go more in to overdraft and be slave to the bank.

Barclay and few other banks started to use crack dealer tactic.I’m sure most that makes this kind decisions are on crack any way.

My advice is to move away from this banks their a lot of ethical banks out there check the link

NatWest rbs get caught giving doggy mortgage advice no surprise they have similar overdraft charges to Barclay’s

I wouldn’t trust any advice from Barclay’s as well do your research look up which or some other trustable websites

using Bank Credit Cards to our advantage

Ok if you hate banks this is the way you and get back at them, credit card companies only make money if we pay interest. which is why they give cashbacks and points etc just so that you will use their cards.

get a cards that give you points or cashbacks use them for your day to day expenses but set up a direct debit you pay the whole money off.

Only spend what you have in the bank account. you might ask why you use the credit card it’s safer than debit card. and you get cashbacks so they are paying you and not getting any back from you. It’s a good feeling.

When I was young I fall into their trap as a 19 years old given a credit card and they kept increasing the limit to how ever much I wanted. ended up in lot of trouble. I thought they are doing me a good thing till I calculated the interest I was paying

I learn my lesson. If I wanted to buy anything I just save up. If I can’t then I won’t buy it. I know it’s not an option for everyone. some emergencies do happen but most part this will work.

I read lot from they have lot of advice on how to save money etc.

Roaming charges on mobile networks O2, 3 , EE etc

apart from three all the networks are very expensive. O2 will charge you £1.25 receive a call and £1.50 to call out. Text will cost another 40p I know O2 give the TVu GO app but data even more expensive. £6 for 100mb some thig crazy like that.

Best bet if you are traveling and needed use your O2 number. get a Three phone on a monthly or pay as you go. run the tu go app you will be able to use the data from three and phone and text from O2.

I know you can do the same thing by getting a local sim. some countries it’s not easy getting a local sim. and with out knowing the Language we might end up with something we don’t need or work.

Three works fine anywhere but London. in London it’s rubbish I think mainly because lot of users are on this. My Mrs uses it when we go north. It’s works faster than O2.


what a mess, most of my clients are getting half of what they used to get with BE/O2 and constant drop out and pings are quite high as well now.

Most of them are just leaving to another ISP. it’s a shame BE/O2 was a very good isp.

talktalk is not a very good isp but when they buy other small ISPs they keep the small isp as it is. which means the customer experience stay the same. shame talk talk didn’t buy O2.

whole migration process was a nightmare specially if you are business and used the own equipment. they did send a mail out but most business lost access to the mail address etc. they should have send a postal mail not an email.

IPv6 in adaptation in UK

It’s embarrassing now we not even on the top 25 countries to ipv6. Sweden on the top of the list we still trying to get the maximum out of ipv4. this is not good as ipv6 is good for every one. I have to fill in IP justification every time I need to get IPv4 addresses.
at home with tunneled ipv6 I can get /64 ip addreses that’s 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 IPv6 addresses at home.

I cant wait for us to go native on ipv6 no need for NAT etc. it will be more secure as well. all the equipments are ready operating system are ready. because lack of demand isp’s are don’t want to do it.

Xbox promising faster speed on ipv6 will be a good sign of thing to come. even streaming services should move over will be good. Google is fully ready for ipv6 even facebook most of the Microsoft sites are but office 365 management on windows server doesn’t work don’t know MS fixed that yet.

hope we get rid ipv4 soon and move on a faster newer internet like Sweden